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Many entrepreneurs leave thousands of dollars on the table each month simply because they lack a high-level view of their business.

In this power-packed Google Spreadsheet, with 27 planners and trackers, we will show you all the numbers you need to track every month, quarter, and year in order to build a business that actually grows your bank account. You'll have streamlined systems in place to plan your content, funnels, sales, expenses, and more. 

If you aren’t profitable, your business can't grow and it’s time to take control once and for all! ($27)

INCLUDED: Monthly Revenue Planner & Tracker, Sales Trackers, Expense Trackers, Content Planners, Funnel Planners, Funnel Maps & Examples, Social Media Trackers, and more 

I'm loving the course on time blocking. As a creative and a professional, this is exactly the system to help me take my big picture brain and make it useful and execute my ideas.

–Jodi-Renee Giron

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!! No one teaches you these things... if I had it my way I'd have your program taught in schools! It's a skill that is very much needed and should be shared! Thank you again, I really am so thankful. 

– Karri Bullock

Last Saturday I went through the whole course and Sunday I took the whole day and worked on setting it up. By Monday afternoon I knew this was going to be a game-changer. Today is Thursday and I have completely cleared out my to-do list for the whole week. (All of my client work and admin work) and get to spend the weekend doing what I've been trying to do for 6 months! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. I feel like it is worth so much more than the price.

– Rena McDaniel
The Time Blocking System
Master the art of time blocking:

Identify the goals you should aim for and turn them into bite-sized daily priorities and actions to achieve them

Cut your to-do list in half and zero in on your priorities – you'll be amazed at how much you accomplish when you're focused and clear!

Learn simple but powerful ways to stay accountable so you follow through and finish – instead of letting important tasks fall through the cracks

Discover how and why you need to block out time for everything…work, social, fun, errands, life…all of it.

Learn how to plan your schedule around anchor tasks so your daily routine is structured and consistent

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